We help matching
beauty products to your
individual needs.

Skin Care or Make-up

Find your perfect fit

Tired of buying expensive products suggested to you by a salesperson that just don’t fit? Get impartial recommendations based on the information you have provided in your beauty profile.

Blemish control made easy

Extra blemish control will help your skin tremendously. We sort out all the comedogenic and oily ingredients to help your pores stay clean and unclogged.

Instant allergy warnings

Allergic to nuts or other allergens? Sort them out in one-step and prevent unnecessary reactions or breakouts forever.

Anti-aging for your skin type

At a time of two-in one products, start combining anti-aging with skin type specific skin care benefits.

Real-time skin match

Are you strapped for time? We can help you find the best buys for your beauty needs with just a click of a button.

How it works.

SKIN MATCH TECHNOLOGY is the first ever one-stop personalized beauty recommendation engine, matching your unique profile and needs with our skin care and make-up product selection.


Simply fill out a brief questionnaire about your skin, lifestyle, and location. It will guide Skin Match Technology in matching the perfect products to your individual needs.

Browse over all our luxury beauty brands and products and instantly see what fits your skin best with our Skin Match Indicator.

Discover the reasons for our recommendations for every product on the product detail page. Every suggestion ist unique and only for your profile.

At a certain age, you stop trying new products. You just want what’s best for your skin. RUE CINQ provides me just that. Beatrix K. (CH)
RUE CINQ is a new approach to empowerment through beauty and offers an easy way to shop, through consultation in the comfort of your home. Claudia N. (UK)
I am a busy traveler, so I’m exposed to different climates all the time. I need RUE CINQ to advise me on the right products to use while in flight and during visits to numerous locales with varying weather conditions. Millie S. (USA)
As an entrepreneur, my look needs to be impeccable even after a stressful day of meetings and events. RUE CINQ knows which products can endure my lifestyle. Estella B. (CH)

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