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Petal Fresh Aburatorigami
Japanese Beauty Papers

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Product Description

35 sheets each. A powder and primer alternative that removes excess oil without disturbing makeup or stealing moisture from the skin.

Recommended For:
All Skin Types, Oiliness

Why It Works:

These all-natural leaflets absorb excess oil without disturbing makeup. Now available in a purse-perfect tube with a touch-up mirror for petal-fresh skin anytime, anywhere. Improves the wear of makeup without stealing moisture from the skin.

Formulated without:
Powder-free. Fragrance-free. Pulp-free.

How To Use:
For a petal-fresh complexion, gently pat a single leaflet anywhere there is excess oil. Will not disturb makeup or steal moisture from the skin. Use both sides of each sheet and discard after use.

About the Brand

Tatcha works with scientists in Japan and the U.S., to create each formula from scratch, advancing time-honored beauty practices for fast-paced, modern life. The foundation is Hadasei-3™, a trinity of anti-aging superfoods born from the Japanese diet, and the basis for the original geisha beauty rituals: green tea, rice and algae. Every ingredient is carefully selected and minimally manipulated to be gentle and safe with maximum effectiveness.

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