Age is nothing but a number

We all know the saying ‘age is nothing but a number’ but for too long women have seemingly had a sell-by date when it comes to aging and their perceived attractiveness.

Published on: 05.October.2018
Author: Estella Benz

Beauty has been synonymous with youth, and in past decades many strikingly gorgeous icons in film, fashion and music have faded away only to be replaced by younger starlets.

Luckily this antiquated view of beauty is changing, and women like Catherine Loewe (62), Carmen dell’Orefice (86), China Machado (87) and Isabella Rosselini (67) have not only retained their place in the spotlight, they truly shine with their sophistication, grace and elegance. So much so that they have once again been thrust into the spotlight.

This year in particular women of a certain age have captivated in fashion and advertising. Take author Joan Didion (82) who caused a media frenzy by starring in French fashion house Céline’s Spring 2015 campaign. Helen Mirren (71) became one of the new faces of L’Oréal representing their Age Perfect line. Charlotte Rampling was the face of NARS. And although she is significantly younger than our prior examples, Jennifer Lopez has arguably never looked better than on her 48th birthday.

So what makes these more seasoned beauties so appealing? In a sea of nameless models, these women stand out for their character, accomplishments and charisma. There’s beauty in life experience and these women emanate a certain confidence that only gets better with age.


Phootographer unknonw – but it’s my favorite girl Carmen dell’Orefice.


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