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Almond Blossom Moisturising Cream Oily Combination Skin

Size: 40ml
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Product Description

Lightweight cream that moisturises offering a matte finish, ideal for sensitive skin.

With Almond Blossom extract, almond proteins and two types of hyaluronic acid, it offers valuable water-binding ingredients that enhance the skin's NMF (Natural Moisturising Factor), optimising the hydration levels of the epidermis.


The KORRES Research and Development Lab has redefined moisturising – essential for healthy skin - by introducing a new intense hydration collection, Almond Blossom; a formula that combines three moisturising systems based on the benefits of Greek organic almond blossom extract.

The new facial skincare line responds to the need for continuous, deep, multi-level moisturising - even for sensitive skin – regardless of age. Three day creams for various skin types, delivering moisture-stable skin through:

1 reducing gradual moisture loss
2 binding water molecules
3 moisturising deeper layers
The Almond Blossom extract, an essential moisturising, antioxidant and nourishing compound, combined with additional Almond tree extracts – Almond oil and Almond proteins - and two types of Hyaluronic acid, contribute synergistically to healthy, elastic and rejuvenated skin.


1 MOISTURISING DEEPER LAYERS GREEK ORGANIC ALMOND BLOSSOM EXTRACT [KORRES-OWN EXTRACT] / rich in amino acids, tannins and flavoinoids, it is an exceptional moisturising agent with antioxidant and nourishing properties
ΑLMOND OIL & ALMOND PROTEINS / the Almond oil has nourishing and soothing properties while the almond proteins are hydro regulating and contribute in regulation of hydration levels
LOW MOLECULAR WEIGHT HYALURONIC ACID / it reinforces the hydration levels of the upper layers of the epidermis, while it penetrates into the deep layers of the stratum corneum, maximizing hydration levels

2 BINDING OF WATER MOLECULES IN THE SKIN BLACK OATS EXTRACT / it contains water-retaining natural polymers, above all polysaccharides and proteins, which form a film of moisture on the surface of the skin and improve skin’s moisture level. Moreover, oats contain a mixture of water-retaining substances which are chemically similar to the skin’s NMF

3 REDUCTION OF TRANSPIDERMAL WATER LOSS HIGH MOLECULAR WEIGHT HYALURONIC ACID / it forms a film on skin’s surface, hydrating the skin and preventing water loss
LECITHIN / due to its stabilising properties in the formation of biological membranes, Lecithin contributes to the intactness of the lamellar lipid matrix of the epidermis. In this way the transepidermal water loss is reduced and the skin’s moisture level is increased. Also, it contributes in softer and smoother skin

Dermatologically tested.
Suitable for vegeterians/ vegans.

How to use: Apply to the face and neck, avoiding the eye area.

About the Brand

Natural ingredients that are selected due to their properties and are then extracted, isolated, stabilized and tested exhaustively so as to further access their action in relation to skin needs. The homeopathic heritage provides the data, the lab provides the clinical efficacy, the formulations provide the natural alternative to conventional skin solutions.

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