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Snake Neck Mask Individual Sachet

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Product Description

These unique neck masks combine expertise in bio-cellulose technology with our innovative Syn®-Ake dipeptide to tighten, lift, tone, hydrate and smooth the neck area. Amino acids and wheat protein help to tense and visibly tighten the skin, helping the neck area to appear younger and lifted. This is further enhanced with the infusion of intense Syn®-Ake dipeptide technology, which works to lessen muscle cell contractration mimicking the freezing effect of Temple Viper venom to instantly freeze and lift the neck area. The bio-cellulose technology allows the neck mask to mould directly to your neck shape for the most efficient distribution of product to the neck area.

Each pack contains 8 neck mask sachets.

Key benefits:
Bio-cellulose: Deeply hydrates.
Syn®-Ake Dipeptide: Reduces mimic wrinkles.
Wheat Protein: Firms and refines skin texture.
Decapeptide: Boosts cell metabolism.

Thin, gel-like 'second-skin' which adheres to the contours of the neck.

Remove neck mask from the plastic sheet and apply bio-cellulose mask directly to the neck area onto cleansed skin. Remove protective fabric sheet. Leave on for 20 – 30 minutes and peel away. Gently massage any residue into the skin.

About the Brand

Pairing world-class anti-ageing ingredients with ground-breaking innovation, Rodial products are high-performance skincare essentials to address a range of skin concerns. Utilising unique and powerful ingredients such as bee venom and dragon's blood, all products have been carefully formulated to produce the best immediate results.

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