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Mascara So Intense
Deep Black

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Product Description

What it is: Mascara So Intense Fortifying Volumizing Mascara gives your lashes instant volume and length, leaving your eyelashes with a visibly longer, thicker look day after day.

Who it's for: Anyone who wants thick, long eyelashes.

What it does: Its unique formula is enriched with a vitamin-rich peptide that lengthens and thickens your eyelashes within just two weeks of use while covering your lashes in ultra-pure, double-coated pigments that provide long wear and intense color. The mascara comes with an innovative comb brush that perfectly distributes the product, covering and separating your lashes for an ultra-voluminous effect. Your eyelashes are left immediately volumized, and day after day your lashes appear longer, denser, more beautiful and stronger.

How to use: Begin by applying So Intense Mascara to the tip of the upper eyelashes. Then, comb your eyelashes from root to tip to cover each eyelash. Apply one or several coats according to the intensity you desire. To make your eyes look larger, use the comb brush to extend the eyelashes from the outer corner of your eye.

About the Brand

Sisley offers a complete range of products to meet the needs of all different skin types and address multiple skincare concerns, including makeup removal, hydration, anti-aging, sun protection and hair care.
Sisley expertise combines an indepth knowledge of plants, their composition, and the effects these ingredients have on the way the skin works, with an understanding of the skin and its mechanisms.

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