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Reforming Liquid

Size: 200ml
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Product Description

A Beauty drink that refines the complexion, enhancing skin from within.

The Reforming Liquid was designed to provide skin with the minerals and vitamins it requires to protect cells from oxidative stress, fight cellular aging and boost skin’s hydration from the inside.

Over time the body’s ability to bind water decreases along with the look of youthful skin. The Liquid was formulated with this idea in mind.

The quality and content of Hyaluronic Acid and MSM found at the top of the ingredient list works with the body’s natural absorption process in replenishing moisture that is lost with age and supporting the regeneration and circulation of cells and from the inside.

Along with vitamins and minerals such as D-Biotin, Vitamin C, B-12, Copper and Magnesium, this formulation works to protect collagen against degrading enzymes and free radicals, improving the quality and appearance of not only hair, skin and nails, but also supporting the nourishment of your body’s cartilage and bones.

The Reforming Liquid can be taken continuously, or kept on your desk at work or kitchen countertop as an occasional skin booster. Perfect before a big event or for a plump and hydrated apperance, we recommend mixing with water or adding to other drinks and smoothies.

About the Brand

KLARSKIN has always focused on transparency and on creating products that heal and nourish. The effects are prominent, and each product is designed to focus on the long-term clarity and health of your body and face, rather than an overnight solution that lets you down when you stop using it. They believe that the difference in people is their standards, and the same goes for your skincare.

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