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Radiance Powder

Size: 180g
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Product Description

The Radiance Powder feeds and stabilizes the gut microbiome – the friendly microorganisms that support our health and immune system. With over 6,5 billion live cultures and a diverse variety of 14 strains including both Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, the formulation allows the contents to be effectively absorbed resulting in glowing, radiant skin.

This is no ordinary Probioitc. The Powder works to replenish and restore a healthy gut microbiome due to bacterial microencapsulation technology, keeping the potency and quality of live cultures at an optimum. The Radiance Powder also includes prebiotics, digestive enzymes, fibers and antioxidants which all work together to alkalise the body’s PH and prevent toxin release or malabsorption in the gut. This high-quality supplement is used to upkeep your appearance by improving the look and feel of skin’s surface, and works to continuously nourish the body by reducing inflammation and promoting skin quality, clarity and glow.

The first step to any good beauty routine, the founder credits this potent powder with helping clear her adult acne and fade years of scarring. The Radiance Powder is the foundation on which good skin is built upon and delivers ongoing results past the consuption period.

About the Brand

KLARSKIN has always focused on transparency and on creating products that heal and nourish. The effects are prominent, and each product is designed to focus on the long-term clarity and health of your body and face, rather than an overnight solution that lets you down when you stop using it. They believe that the difference in people is their standards, and the same goes for your skincare.

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